Welcome to The Eco Muslim website. We are an organization with a simple but huge mission that we want to make possible with the help of all Muslim people from all over the world. 


We want all Muslims to be one with us in making our community clean and green. With environmental hazards like water contamination and climate change, the effects on our earth is quite bothersome. We know that it’s natural to look for ways that we can reverse the damage that’s been done to our planet. Many of us think we’re too small to make a difference, but when enough of us take action, positive results can happen.  


First off, we begin helping Mother Nature by curbing bad habits and focusing on all the good she has to offer. We need to do this first inside our own homes, by gathering all the junks in our garage doors in Wichita then making them useful through recycling or upcycling rather than throwing everything in the garbage which will end up in landfills. 


Our mission is to make people aware that everyday should be Earth day as we need to care for our planet. To make this happen, we urge our brothers and sisters in the Muslim faith, which makes up around one fifth of the population in the world, to hear our voices. This website is a one-stop shop for all Muslims around the world in helping our environment. All the latest news that are happening in our environment, tips in crafting using junk materials that can be recycled or upcycled, discussions on how to help our ecosystem, donations, pledges and much, much more are featured here in our website. 


There are a lot of things happening in the Muslim world regarding environmental awareness but it’s scattered all over the place! That’s where The Eco Muslim comes in and hopefully this will turn into a diverse, and vibrant melting pot for everything clean and green.  


Today, we will teach you an eco-friendly crafting. It’s a DIY project for kids that is ideal for summer craft activities. This is the best way to introduce children to the crafting world that is eco-friendly, fun and educational.  


Let’s get started! Gather your supplies, spread a blanket on your lawn or garage and do this eco-friendly project for kids. Let’s make Tin Can Lanterns. Just make sure that you have tin cans that have been emptied and cleaned. You may use any size you want. Prepare a hammer, a nail, permanent markers, pencil, paper, masking tape, scissors, votive candles, and a piece of towel. Plan ahead for your punched tin decoration. Punch out your pattern. Cradle the tin can in to the towel to prevent from moving. Add some color to your new punched tin. Drop some lighted votive candles and it’s done! 


If you think that The Eco Muslim has missed a great story, ideas and others just drop us an email and we’ll do our best to rectify it! We want to make a change and we want all Muslims to participate in our mission to help our planet. Please go as well to our forum section and join the discussion.  


Thank you!