This is our Forum section. You can ask, share and post anything about saving our environment here. Do not use any offensive or libelous words against the person. Keep the discussion helpful to others. Thank you and let’s start the thread! 


Hello people! Please share your thoughts and ideas on what you could do or have done for the environment, so we could inspire each other. Thank you!  



Hey, Megan! I just want to share my thought about this. My way of saving our planet is to conserve the electricity. Conservation of electrical energy can help lessen pollution and will reduce gas emissions, it can save your money as well. Two tips for you to conserve electricity: the first one is, Drying your clothes outdoors if you are receiving sufficient sunlight. The second one is to use a bicycle to commute short distances instead of using your cars. This will save on fuel and gives you a natural workout to help you stay fit as well. But if you don’t want this option you can also try the public transport system. 



Hi, all! As for me, I am reducing the use of chemicals and I am properly disposing all my waste. Please do this, instead of purchasing disposal items like plastic plates and cups, it is better to use reusable flatwares. For coffee lovers, carry a thermal thumbler to the coffee shop as this will prevent you using disposable cup and your coffee remains hot while doing so. With this small act of yours it will be possible to reduce the amount of trash you are disposing.  



Wow! Thank you for that wonderful ideas. I will definitely do that. I appreciate all your suggestions, hope that many of you will send more because it is really helping us to save our planet.