Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions section of The Eco Muslim website.  

We know a lot of you have so many questions about our organization and we noticed that some of them are all the same questions. Hence, we gathered here the most asked questions in our website. Please see below before you send us a query to save your time and effort. 


*Where does The Eco Muslim work? 

The Eco Muslim worked in different countries, implementing long-term programs to save our planet, and teaching Muslims all over the world to coordinate some action to have greener earth. 


*Who supports The Eco Muslim? 

Hundreds of thousands of individuals and dozens of corporations, foundations and other organizations support The Eco Muslim each year. We also obtain funding and commodities from governmental agencies. 


*How can I make a donation? 

Gifts and donation can be made online here by entering your name and address for sending the acknowledgement. 


*What address should I use to mail in my donation? 

Message us to send your donation to The Eco Muslim’s secure, authorized donation processor. Our email account has been posted in the contact section of our site. 


*What is The Eco Muslim’s Charity Registration Number? 

The Eco Muslim’s Charity Registration Number can be sent to you if you request for it. 


*If I am an international donor, can I still make a donation to The Eco Muslim? 

No matter where you live, you can support The Eco Muslim’s save the planet programs as long as you are a Muslim. Donate online now. 


*I have received an mail stating my pledge was not fulfilled. Did you receive my donation? 

Because of overlapping mailing schedules, sometimes donors receive notifications that their donation was not received, when in fact it was. We apologize for such an occurrence. If you’ve received such a notice but believe your donation was processed, please call us or contact us through our email account and we will check your The Eco Muslim account to let you know.