We are a non-profit organization formed by the Muslim community in year 2012. We want to participate and get involved in saving our planet. We are just a peaceful Muslim community in the city but we care a lot about the environment as we see the things that are happenings now to our planet. So, we want to make a difference, something that all Muslims can participate in a good way.

From eco-art, to cleaning your home and community areas to solar power, and so much more, we The Eco Muslim will post it all. This website hopes to be a great resource for curious Muslims hoping to go a little greener and highlight the green message.

Coordinated action among the Muslims toward a greener planet can have a profound impact on easing global warming woes. The ecological footprint of the Muslim world is far less than that of the Northern developed nations. Some ecologists have suggested that the developed world has much to learn from Muslim cultures about sustainable living. In fact, 70 percent of the total 1 billion Muslim population live in the eastern part of the world and in countries which are very vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

Here, you will find eco-friendly crafting ideas, tips on cleaning your areas and community, ways to keep our environment clean and safe, news, reviews on our organization and many more. You can also give your own tips and ideas, donations and pledges, or report news about the environment. Just talk to us, send your messages in our email account that has been posted in our contact section.

We’re calling out Muslims all over the world to join and participate in our organization to help the planet. We need to make a step for a better, cleaner and greener environment.